Yamaha´s auto accompaniment is an advanced and extremely versatile feature. This DVD explains - visually and audibly - how to make best musical use of the auto accompaniment. A wide range of examples shows, amongst other style features, how to play the harmonies and to control the bass line independently - but still by the left hand only. The corresp onding instrument settings are explained in detail and make it easy to reproduce the shown features. The player can see and hear how to create colourful chord changes as well as interesting bass lines. Playing with styles becomes musically much more attractive,and much more fun as well!

USA & World: 34,90 US$, + shipping

  This DVD´s content is suitable for all Yamaha portable keyboards from middle class models (like e.g. PSR-1500) up and above and all Yamaha CVP digital pianos. Upgrade your musical performance! Explore the phantastic features of the auto accompaniment and benefit from this know-how.
This is a sample of a lesson: The content of the DVD is made easy, for an effective understanding of the voicings for the left hand. The voicings are also written as a score. So you can follow the music and the chord progressions.