- 142 Min. Video-DVD (PAL), 16 chapters

- additional data part (DVD-ROM)

- registration banks (DVD-ROM)

- complete PDF-script (DVD-ROM)

- "goodies" (DVD-ROM)


- Display & Main Screen

- Registrations & Preferences

- Data Concept

- Accessories

- Articulations & Voices

- Wave-Cycling Step By Step

- Playing With Styles

- Music Finder & OTS

- Pitch-Bend & Modulation

- Mixing Console

- The New Drum-Mixer

- Mic-In & Vocal-Harmony 2

- Live-Soundcheck & Master EQ

- Indiv. Outs & Pseudo-Arpeggiator

- Expansion Voices

- 29,00 +€+ shipping (2,90 EU, 4,90 worldwide)

by phone: +49 (0) 34601 310433


Menue (Deutsch):


Tyros 4 is an amazing instrument. Learn all the new functions like the brand new drum mixer, the technology of wave cycling or Vocal harmeny 2. If you know the previous models, you will find some special themes like "Live soundcheck" for exampple. You will find a data part inside: Here you find a lot of useful data like registration banks for Tyros 4, the complete script (PDF) and background graphics to load directly in your personal instrument. This DVD is useful for beginners as well as for the experienced Tyros player.

  You see important software switches inside the splitscreen. So you can follow all the operations easily - step by step.
  All the settings of Tyros 4 are shown in detail.
  You find the corresponding registration banks in the data part of this DVD.